Hot Job

: $14.00-$16.00
: Title: Soil Sorter - Description: separate/sort soiled hospital linens to ensure proper laundering. Must remove any non-linen items from the linen before placing linen in laundry chutes. This is a very fast-pace, teamwork-oriented department that has to balance efficiency and detail orientation while working. Employees will wear proper personal protective equipment while performing job duties. - Base Pay Rate: o Day: $14/hr o Afternoon $14.50 - Pay Rate including $2 Increased Premium through 7/10/21: o Day: $16/hr o Afternoon $16.50 They must also work at least 40 hours to qualify for the premium through 7/10/21. - Hours: o Day: 5am-1:30pm (3:30pm w/ mandatory OT) ? First day: start at 5:30am o Afternoon: 2:30pm-11pm (1am w/ mandatory OT) ? First day: start at 3pm o Available 7 days per week (including weekends, but scheduled 5 days per week).